Dec. 16, 2022

Career Spotlight: Dr. Irma (Lisa) Cisneros, Ph.D.

Career Spotlight: Dr. Irma (Lisa) Cisneros, Ph.D.

In this podcast episode, we learn about the journey of a successful assistant professor in the pathology department. Her research background involves drugs of abuse and understand how they lead to inflammation in the brain. She talks about her educational background, which is quite lengthy and includes several breaks, but ultimately led her to where she is today. She shares personal stories of her struggles with test-taking, her experience as a mom, and how her personal history with substance use disorder inspired her to connect her research to people.

The podcast guest emphasizes the importance of hands-on work in science and taking constructive criticism. She encourages young people who are interested in a career in science to participate in any kind of science and to bring out their personalities, while also maintaining professionalism. She shares a personal story of how her fourth-grade teacher inspired her to pursue science and how she never forgot that lesson.

Overall, this podcast episode is an excellent source of inspiration for anyone who is interested in pursuing a career in science, regardless of their background or struggles. It is a testament that anyone can overcome obstacles and achieve their dream with hard work, perseverance, and the right mentor.

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